Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alaina Starts School!

The title of this post is a bit misleading...because actually Alaina did a kindergarten homeschool with one of our friends and her daughter last year.  But yes, last Wednesday was her first day at a traditional school!

It seems like the time we had at home together these past few years went by quickly.  It has been an adjustment for me not to have her sweet little self around for practically the entire day.  But I knew that she needed to be in school.  She has a very active mind and gets bored easily.  So from an academic standpoint I knew she needed to go to school to learn and challenge her brain.  I also felt it was important for her to socialize with other children her age on a more frequent basis, more than I was giving her an opportunity to do.

Both she and I were nervous, I know, starting out...even though I knew it was the right thing to let her go, part of my mommy-protector wanted to keep her close and shield her from any hurts that might come along.  I wasn't too concerned that she could actually do the school work, but more so about her making friends and feeling accepted and all that stuff! I struggle(d) in these areas, so you could say I was a teensy bit insecure about everything! But I was trying to encourage her!

The good news is she seems to be doing great! Her teacher told me yesterday that she had a better day and seemed more relaxed.  Alaina also has talked about playing with other children at recess and she received special recognition in her teacher's newsletter for being a good friend to others! I am very proud of her!

I have to say I am super grateful to her teacher for being so sweet and sensitive to her needs.  I could not have asked for a better person to entrust my little girl to!

So as we start this adventure of school (it's still hard to believe I have a kindergartner!) I am looking forward to the good times ahead!

Looking back, here are a few pictures...sorry they are not necessarily in order!
My sister Tasha, me, and my mom (and Alaina in the bump :) )

My firstborn

Little Princess

Smiling at an early age (she was such a happy baby)

She was bald for so long!
Celebrating her first birthday

Daddy and Alaina at age 2

Little dancer Nov. 2012
Christmas 2011
Sisters and friends forever

She was probably saying "cheese" LOL