Friday, June 29, 2012

Thank you, Lord

I hesitated if I wanted to post this for all to see, but I feel like I need to praise God for what He did for us today.  The more I think about it, the more I realize that it was a miracle.

Lester has been working a lot on the mobile home next door, which he has recently remodeled.  He was working today on caulking  and painting the hardie plank siding.  Late this afternoon he came inside and said that the girls could come outside to be with him.  Alaina helped me get the twins ready (because they were in diapers only :) ) and I took all three girls outside.  I had a lot of housework to do (as usual) and welcomed the break from trying to keep the little ones in line on top of what I wanted to accomplish.

I was working for some time in the back bedroom, which is the girls' room, and I remember looking outside and seeing the twins playing in the backyard behind the neighboring home, having a good time.

A little while later, Alaina came inside to go potty and to get away from the bugs that were biting her.  She decided to stay inside with me.

After she had been inside for a while, Lester opened the door and asked if the babies had come inside.  I said no.  (Later he told me he had thought he had heard my voice while he was outside.)  He answered "ok" calmly but of course I started to worry.  Soon I went outside, too, and came to the awful realization that he did not know where the twins were.  We quickly surveyed all the area around our house and the neighbor's houses, to no avail.  I have to say...I was panicking.  If you don't know anything about where we live, you might not know how serious this situation was.  I don't know the exact measurements, but we live very close to a canal.  You can see the water from our front window.  The canal runs parallel to our street.  To get in the water, you merely have to cross the street, an area of grass, and then the ground slopes off into the canal.  Lester and I were praying out loud by this time.  We were both searching frantically.  I didn't hardly know what to do.  It was like a terrible nightmare.  It seemed like a couple times during this I could feel like God was telling me that everything was going to be ok, but I was truly terrified.  Lester and I were so scared the babies had gotten in the water.

Lester told me to get the neighbors to help us, so I went to the people a couple doors down from us whom I knew were home and banged on their door.  Of course they came outside to help.  Another man who works for a landscaping company down the street also was helping us.  Lester told me to call 911, so I went inside and grabbed his phone and did so, then went back outside while the dispatcher was asking me questions.

While I was searching behind our houses, I heard music to my ears...they had found the twins!  I told the 911 dispatcher, ended the call, and found my family down at the end of the road (a little over four houses away from us).  The twins had been found sitting on a rock in the WATER, playing in the WATER and kicking their feet.  (Later I was holding Christina and realized she was wet up to the waist.) The place they were sitting could not be seen unless you went down to the end of the street because of the ground sloping off.  Sometime during all of this happening Alaina had come outside and said she would help.  She was the one who actually found the babies.

I don't write all this to in any way put my hubby in a bad light.  He had his eyes off of the twins for like a minute and a half and they were gone.  He thinks they may have ran after our cocker spaniel, they were gone so fast.  Twins are so much different than single children.  It's true that they are double the fun but they can sure get into double the danger in half the time.

I cannot express how thankful I am to be sitting in my bed right now with the knowledge that my sweet little girls are alive and well.  This night could be totally different if not for the grace of God.  I was reminded of that verse "He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" I believe my babies were guarded by unseen hands who did not allow them to take the fatal steps into the water.

After we came inside, we were talking about what had happened.  Lester didn't know how Alaina knew where to look.  She told us that Jesus told her where to look...

I listened to the song "You Are So Good to Me" by Third Day today before all this happened.

Here is are a couple excerpts:

"You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song
You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song
You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song
And I will sing again

You are so good to me
You heal my broken heart
You are my Father in Heaven

You poured out all Your blood
You died upon the cross
You are my Jesus who loves me

You are my Father in Heaven
You are the Spirit inside me
You are my Jesus who loves me"

If you've not heard this before, it's really good-what a beautiful loving Father we have.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday Pictures

Briella loves to be held by Daddy.

Our special 3 year old.

I put the headband over Christina's little ponytail and liked how it looked.  I think she did, too.  But we couldn't find the other pink headband for Bri-bri.

My energetic little twins!  I got the green dress Christina is wearing at a thrift store for free.   She has a dress like Briella is wearing, but I just wanted her to wear the green one because I like it so much.  

Smiles and piggy-toes

They'll be grown up before I know it-I love them so much.
On Sunday I often try to match or coordinate the girls' clothing.  It doesn't always work that way.  I am getting to the point where, sure, it's nice, but really...why does it matter?  To me they are precious no matter what they are wearing.  It's been interesting having three little ones to clothe.  I shop frequently on ebay and also at Goodwill and our campus thrift store.  I have a lot of fun dressing them and trying to find good deals!

On another note, we had a good service at church yesterday morning.  It was one of those times where we all spent a while in prayer, and I really needed it.  God still really needs to help me grow in many ways.  I am so glad for those times when I am reminded that He is in control.  I tend to be an anxious person and I need to be reminded to "let go."

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sad to be so far away...

My parents and me (picture taken in May)
This past week my sister moved back home after living near us for a few years.  I really am feeling lonely today, missing my family.  My parents, all my siblings, my sister-in-law, and two nephews are all in West Virginia.  I am looking forward to seeing them this summer, but it's hard being so far away.  I am so thankful for Lester and my girls of course! But if you can quickly hop in the car and drive to see your parents, don't take it for granted!  When you first leave home you don't really realize it.  When you have children of your own, though, you understand what a blessing it is to be near family.

Father's Day 2012

I painted this plaque for Lester.  I traced the letters on from a print-out and then filled in the indentations with paint pens.

I liked this picture of Christina.  She can be such a little goof.

This is how the twins get to church usually.  They really like it.  Shoes were waiting until we got there.

Daddy getting ready to ride! 
Daddy and his girls.  The sun was bright so Alaina was having trouble looking at the camera.

Kisses from Daddy!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It takes someone special....

March 2011 
The twins arrived!
"Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy." I love this little bit of anonymous wisdom-because it's true.  In honor of Father's Day, I wanted to say a big thank you to both my Dad and the Daddy of my three little ones.  I also want to thank my Heavenly Father for His blessings to me!

Enjoy the pictures! (Sorry they are not in any sort of order!)

Happy Father's Day!
Me and my Daddy on my wedding day
Birth of our first daughter-can't you tell the hubby is excited?
at Mount Rushmore a couple years ago
Yes, sometimes Daddy is a bit silly! (I just noticed how much Alaina and Christina look alike in these two pics!)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

So I have not updated this blog in a LONG time.  But...that is about to change-I hope!  I REALLY want to get more consistent with this blog, if only for my own records!

The hubby just finished out the school year last week.  Yay!!! I am so glad it is summer because that means he can spend more time with me and the girls.

Yesterday we had an appointment with WIC.  All the girls were weighed and measured.  They are all doing just fine in that area.  Christina continues to be smaller than Briella.  Briella is a couple pounds heavier and about an inch taller.  All the girls are on the short side.

I will close for now.  I will try to post more again soon!