Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sunday Braids

Alaina was bald for the longest time as a baby.  Other than little trims and the couple times she has wacked a bit of hair off, her hair has not been cut.  The nice thing about it is the way it lays around her face.  I didn't have to do anything with it for a long time other than brush it.  With the twins, we are trying to grow out their bangs and right now they are always in their faces unless we tie them back.  However, Alaina does have some funny cowlicks and things going on.  :) Sunday morning I decided to put two braids in Alaina's hair.  I really liked how they turned out.  It was something different and I think we'll do it more often.  

Later we let our dog come inside while we napped.  She usually is not allowed inside...and definitely not on the furniture.  Alaina said that Sammy was getting on the couch.  Finally I came out to chase Sammy off and this is what I found...They were so cute together.

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