Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Friday!

Since my husband is a teacher, I am always glad when Friday comes around.  Although he has been working Saturdays lately on a side job... hopefully there's only a couple more weeks of that.  Last Friday evening we actually got to go out on a date while a lady from our church kindly watched the girls for us.  It was really nice.  We ate a Chili's which has a good deal where you can get an appetizer and two meals for $20.  We have only been able to go out to eat by ourselves a handful of times since the twins were born.  It's funny because I mentioned to Lester how when it was just the two of us we would go out to eat at a sit-down type restaurant nearly every other week.  But times change and I can't complain, because we love our little sweeties!  Alaina feel asleep at the table before we left on our date, which hardly EVER happens.  So she slept nearly the entire time the babysitter was here.
The babies did so well sleeping one night this week, and then BAM! the next night was one of the worst!  I thought maybe they were teething since their noses were runny.  Well, last night Alaina did not sleep well and it seems that she has a bit of a cold, so who knows.  I just hope whatever it is passes soon and that Lester and I don't catch it.  When you are a mommy, being sick is so much worse as you try to take care of the kids.
Briella is so close to walking!  I saw her take one step by herself today and then later she took a little teeny step toward me.  It is so fun to see the babies growing and changing, but then I am reminded of how fleeting their infant days are and that they are 9 1/2 months already!  Alaina did not walk until she was about one year old so it's different to us to see a little nine month old standing and doing everything a few months ahead.
Well, I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  Here in Florida it is finally starting to cool down.  I can tell "fall is in the air" even though it's nothing like fall when I was a kid up "north"!  Maybe I will even get motivated to take the girls on walks since the heat is not so intense!  If you know me at all you know exercising is not my thing.  My body is showing the affects of pregnancies and it would do me much good though!!! Here's the picture of Alaina.  Love to you all.
Our sleepy little girl

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