Monday, October 10, 2011


Poor Christina has been running a fever all weekend. I decided that I had better take her to the doctor if she wasn't better this morning, even though she has been eating and playing.  I have used the same pediatrician since Alaina was born and it's been nice having the same doctor for all three babies.  I thought about leaving Alaina with a babysitter but my sister was not able to watch her due to the timing of the appointment, so I took her with me.  It was the first time I had taken all three of them to the doctor by myself.   I usually don't endeavor to take all three girls ANYWHERE by myself (except for a little thrift store that I walk to).  But all went well, thank God.  Alaina is getting to the point where the amount she actually helps me take care of the babies outweighs any mischief on her part.  The biggest worry I have is making sure she stays near me when we are outside and I am lugging two babies in carriers around.

The doctor said that Christina's fever should not have been as high as it got up to this weekend and prescribed antibiotics for a possible sinus infection.  Bri also has a runny nose but no fever.  But Lester says he is not feeling well at all :(  It seems like sicknesses just bounce from one of us to the next at times.

A humorous thing Alaina said today:
There is a man a church who has taken a special liking to the twins and often holds them for us.  Alaina calls him "Grandpa Jerry".  She especially likes it when he gives her mints.  Anyway, we didn't make it to church yesterday but we did see him on Saturday at Winn Dixie.  Today at lunch Alaina tells me "Grandpa Jerry lives at church."  I tried to convince her otherwise but she wouldn't change her mind.  I asked her how he survives at church with no food-what does he eat?  She told me "He eats candies."  I guess in her mind all you need are sweets :)

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